It is believed that was created at the 2637 B.C. approx., and is attributed to the Emperor Amarillo.Es popular worldwide by the signs of Zoodiaco, the name of such signs is determined by the name of the constellation in which the sun is every month.The start of the Chinese Year It depends on the entry of the sun in the constellation Pisces when the first new moon occurs.
The Chinese calendar is lunisolar type, integrates both the revolution of the earth around the sun as the movement of the moon around the tierra.Los months are lunar, this means that 1 day is the new moon and 15 the full moon.

(Jié QI) are solar calendar terms, these periods express the influence of life on earth and represent time visibility.

For calendar year is divided into 24 periods of 15 days each.

It is used in Chinese medicine, to know the kind of energy that governs every moment of the day, week, month, season, and use it to promote our energy imbalances.