What is the Traditional Chinese Techniques?

It is practiced in ancient China for about 5000 years.

Formed by different disciplines: acupuncture, tuine massage, moxibustion (heat treatment), suction cups, qi qong and food supplements. Everything to deal with different physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

It is also a very good preventative tool to enjoy a good well-being.

Medicina Xinesa

Traditional Chinese Techniques



In our body there are 361 acupuncture points found in 14 channels called meridians, through which our energy (qi) and blood (xue) circulate.

Acupuncture consists in the application of needles in these different parts of the body depending on the problem to be treated, whether they are external or internal.

Everything to regain balance of energy and improve the quality of life.


It is a microsystem. The whole body is reflected in the ear, by stimulating this area, we help our body to rebalance and relax. It combines very well with the rest of the techniques mentioned above on the web.



It consists of applying suction, usually made from glass or plastic on the body, exerting a vacuum effect producing a stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation.

It is considered as the best method to open the body meridians (channels through which energy flows), so it works similarly to acupuncture.


One technique used for preventing or treating the disease by application of heat.

Moxa is made from the plant Artemisia Vulgaris.

There are several ways the cone, stick the dust


Gua-Sha technique or soft tissue scrap, widely used in ancient China.

It is a massage technique that uses tools that can be made of wood, jade, onyx, etc … and with which scrapes are made in the area to be treated, it is very useful for us to unblock at the internal / external level, and regulate meridians throughout the body.

With which you scraped in the area you want to work.

Very useful for removing contractions, tendinitis, scarring. 

Chi Nei Tsang

Taoist massage to detoxify the body.

What is it?

It is a manual massage therapy that comes from Chinese Taosite. “Chi” means energy, “Nei Tsang” refers to the inside.

What does it consist of?

Much of the massage is done in the abdominal area and navel.

Where the ancients observed that the human being often presents blockages, knots in this area, for them considered the most influential and powerful energy center of the body.

And this affects the proper functioning of the internal organs, blood circulation and also making it difficult for the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.



– Unlock and correct the interior function.

-Help eliminate toxins.

-Increase defensive energy

-Increases welfare in mobilizing chronic blockages

-Tonifies the lymphatic system eliminating toxins.


Also at an emotional level, the benefits are very good, since the organs accumulate the emotions that we have not been able to digest, some since childhood, and they are stored in the organs and thus create blockages, tensions …

Chi Nei Tsang facilitates freedom from emotional charge and physical symptoms.

Food Supplements

Combination of traditional Chinese energetic supplementation.

It is one of the most important modalities of the Traditional Chinese Technique. These are ancestral formulas indicated for any type of energy imbalance in the body (physical or emotional), it can also be applied for external use.

We find them in the form of pills, CP (powder), Crushed whole herbs.

It is successfully supplemented with acupuncture.



It is a massage therapy aims to balance and harmonize the body, in order to avoid pain and / or remove those that already have. Where the qi (energy) appears stagnant doior.

With this massage, which works on the meridians of Chinese acupuncture, the area is unlocked through gentle pressure and stretching to the energy flowing again, balancing the flow of energy to prevent, cure and preserve health.



In the walk are reflected throughout our body (bodies …), the technique involves a massage and / or pressure in areas where reflections suffer discomfort or possible imbalances such as back pain, insomnia, constipation , menstrual irregularities, etc …. you can also make such a relaxing massage to release stress.


Kundalini yoga

Ancient technique, known as the yoga of consciousness. Yoga adapts to our pace, designing a series of movements and breaths in a specific order we call “Kriya”. This work and strengthen our organs and body systems, mental patterns change, improveand transform health state of mind.

eliminates back pain and corrects many positions.
• regulates breathing capacity.
• increases your flexibility, coordination and strength.
• improve your confidence and self-esteem.
• calm and reassure the mind.
• reduces stress

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